I’ve been thinking a lot recently about timeless music, and how I keep coming back to certain records. And also, how I keep forgetting these records that, in some cases, have literally saved my life.

So let me try to honor them by compiling a list on my blog, record by record.

Today: Various - Lazy Dog, a double mixed CD that I can only describe as “the best house music ever, flawlessly mixed by two masters of their trade”. Disc 1 is mixed by Ben Watt, disc 2 is mixed by Jay Hannah. I can’t choose a favourite.

I saw these chaps live in Barcelona a very long time ago, playing an awesome set that had the most epic ending I’ve ever experienced. By closing time, when the club turned on the lights and shut down the turntables, people kept clapping and dancing. The DJs then started spinning records pushing them with their hands until the club shut down the speakers and security started pushing the (very happy, and smily) crowd out of the venue.

10/10 would repeat that night.

I searched for the record on Spotify and Apple Music and could not find it, so I suspect the only place where you can listen to it is SounCloud: