A random collection of orange objects that I come across and like. I don’t own all of these, but I wish I did.

Marc Newson’s Ford 021C Concept (1999)

Ford 021C Concept

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Mondraker’s Neat Unlimited Gulf Edition (2024)

Mondraker Unlimited Gulf

More info (also, don’t miss this video if you love cars).

Floyd Cabin (2019)

Floyd Cabin

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JBL L100 Classic (1970, reissued in 2019)

JBL L100 Classic

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Yamaha MCR-B142 (2014)

Yamaha MCR-B142

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Orbea Occam H20 (2022)

Orbea Occam H20

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Moccamaster Cup One (2015?)

Moccamaster Cup One

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Teenage Engineering Computer-1 (2022)

Teenage Engineering Computer-1

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