Imagine going to a music festival with some friends, having the time of your lives, and telling stories about that weekend for years, only to discover, years later, that there is a record that captured the final (and best) DJ set of that festival.

That is, believe it or not, exactly what happened to me and my friends with Laurent Garnier - Excess Luggage. Only we called that something completely different. For us, he was (and will always be) “DJ Jamón from Japan” (he played his set at Sonar 2000 under a pseudonym).

The set he played at 7:30 at the terrace of Complex Esportiu Municipal La Mar Bella was not only an awesome homage to house classics, but also the perfect soundtrack for a sunrise on the beach. I still get goosebumps whenever I play this record, and have no words to describe how grateful I am that it exists.

I imagine it will be available at most streaming platforms, but here’s a version you can play for free on SoundCloud.